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Party Bus

Party Bus

From 18 to 45 People


Our large limo bus is the ultimate party on wheels. Designed with interior comfort in mind, the limo bus is capable of transporting large groups with ease. With six-foot ceilings, the passenger compartment provides ample seating for up to 30 passengers. Of course, no top-tier limo bus would be complete without a vast number of modern features and amenities. Our large limo bus is fully equipped with multi-colored LED lighting, bass-blasting sound systems, and plenty of other cool entertainment aspects.

We’re in the party capital of the world, meaning luxury transportation is a must. Our oversized limos are essentially drivable nightclubs with their luxurious leather wraparound seating, flashing multicolored lights, advanced sound systems, and entertainment features like TVs, built-in bars, and plenty of room to stand up and dance. You don’t even need to book a venue for your next gathering. Our large limo bus gives party-goers enough room to drink, socialize and move about the vehicle.

The limo bus is perfect for nearly every event or celebration you think of. Birthday parties, graduations, proms, sporting events, corporate events, weddings, or even airport pickup – it’s great for all types of celebrations. The bus also offers adequate rear and under-belly storage compartments. Easily store your suitcases and luggage directly off the airport, or pack up your golf clubs for the ultimate golf outing. Whatever you decide to do, our large limo bus is sure to make the trip infinitely better.

So what exactly makes our large limo bus different from a traditional bus? Let’s start with the sleek exterior, decked-out interior, and ability to turn heads upon first glance. From the heart-thumping sound system to the multi-colored lighting that accents the leather upholstery, the club emits a nightclub feel that you simply can’t find in your average vehicle. The entire bus, from front to rear, is sleek and stylish. Use it for both your formal and informal events and celebrations.

Traveling in groups has been made much easier thanks to luxury vehicles like the large limo bus. These amped-up limousines have become popular options for adults of all ages looking for safe and reliable transportation, combined with cool interiors and exteriors and plenty of entertainment options to keep the ride fun and exciting. With the ability to accommodate up to 30 individuals in the passenger compartment, a limo bus ensures that you can invite all of your friends to ride with you.

If you’re out celebrating and plan on drinking, alternative transportation is a must. When you choose our limo bus as your vehicle for the night, you’ll also have an experienced driver to transport you to and from your destinations. There’s no need to worry about making one of your friends the designated driver. With your personal chauffeur at your service, you can have safe fun without concerns about getting a DUI. At the end of the night, your driver will drop you back off at home or your hotel.

If you’re new to the area or just visiting, you may want to see the sights. There’s no better way to do it than in a spacious limo bus. See all that the city has to offer from the comfort of our large limo bus, equipped with a wide range of features and amenities to ensure your ride is comfortable and completely stress-free. Invite a group of your closest friends along for the ride and you’re sure to have an unforgettable time. A limo bus is an excellent way to keep the party going, even after leaving the nightclub. For more information about the limo bus, ETA at 702-207-0000.

  • Wide Storage Compartments
  • Multi-Colored LED Lighting
  • Bass Blasting Sound Systems
  • Wet Bar

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