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The 6 Best Places To Eat and Drink at the Las Vegas Airport

The 6 Best Places To Eat and Drink at the Las Vegas Airport

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent at least one layover in Vegas wondering if you could make it on the TV show Naked and Afraid. I mean—with all those lights and noise, who wouldn’t get a little wild? But what really makes that boring airport one of a kind is the food.

I know what you’re thinking: “But isn’t it just full of fast food?” Yes, my friends. It is. But don’t let that fool you into skipping the options available to you in this wonderland of burgers and French fries. Because some of the best restaurants in Sin City are tucked away behind the glassy facade of Harry Reid International Airport. And I’m here to share my favorites with you.

So, when your flight’s been delayed again, and Harry Reid is doing his best to crush your spirit with an eye-roll as he says, “Nope,” there’s nothing left to do but grab a bite to eat at one of these amazing airport restaurants:

1. Shake Shack – Terminal 1

Shake Shack Las Vegas

To start, let’s get real: no one goes to the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas to eat.  But if you have a little time to kill before your flight and you want some good grub, Shake Shack has got you covered. This is no ordinary fast-food joint—it’s gourmet burgers and frozen custard at its finest. The menu combines fast-food classics with new twists on old favorites, like their delicious chicken sandwiches (which are a must-try).

But the best part about Shake Shack is that it’s a trip back in time to the 1950s for your taste buds. Their menu is all about classic American flavors and ingredients—the sort of thing your grandma would make for you if she was a burger expert. You can feel good eating here because their ingredients are responsibly sourced, and they try to minimize their environmental impact as much as possible.

If the name isn’t enough to convince you: the food will be. Your taste buds will thank you!

2. La Tapenade Mediterranean Café – Terminal 1

Airport food has a reputation for being bland, unimaginative, and overpriced. But the Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport is changing all of that. From a cozy French bistro to a gourmet pizza place, when you’re in Terminal 1, you’re in for some amazing—and often unexpected—culinary experiences. And one of our favorites is La Tapenade Mediterranean Café.

Anyone who’s had hummus knows it can be addicting. The creamy chickpea spread has just enough tanginess to keep it interesting, and because there are almost endless ways you can use it as a base for other flavors, there’s always something new to try.

And that’s what makes La Tapenade so great: they’ve figured out how to take everything you know and love about hummus and level it up in ways you never expected. They have your classic hummus with pita bread, but they also have warm handmade flatbreads topped with hummus, shrimp and strawberry salad, and even hummus-topped toasted sandwiches!

So, when you’ve had enough of airport food that tastes more like frozen cardboard than real cuisine, head over to La Tapenade Mediterranean Café at Terminal 1 for dishes that will fill your stomach without breaking your budget—or your heart!

3. Village Pub – Terminal 3

Village Pub - Las Vegas Airport

If you’re looking for delicious bite to eat in Terminal 3 look no further than Village Pub. This family-run restaurant, is a local favorite and is a great place to grab a bite before your flight or while you’re waiting for your connecting flight to arrive. Their breakfast options range from the traditional (scrambled eggs, toast, potatoes) to the adventurous (shrimp and strawberries, anyone?)—and you’ll definitely want to indulge in one of their toasted sandwiches or wraps, which are perfect for when you need a meal that’s both quick and filling.

Feeling like something more substantial? Try their fish and chips or build-your-own burger with add-ons ranging from avocado to jalapeño relish. You can even treat yourself to one of their microbrews if you’re waiting for an overnight layover!
No matter where you’re headed out of Harry Reid International Airport, Village Pub has got something for your appetite and your taste buds.

4. Las Vegas Chophouse & Brewery – Terminal 3

You know the drill: you’ve got a layover at Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport, and you’re famished. You just need to grab something quick before your next flight, but this time, instead of going for the same old fast food you always do, why not try something different?

Las Vegas Chophouse & Brewery is in Terminal 3, and they’ve got some great food that’s easy and perfect for grabbing on the go. It’s also a family-run business, so you can feel good about supporting local entrepreneurs while you’re enjoying your meal (and saving yourself from the same old McDonald’s or Burger King).

I’m personally a fan of their smaller plates: first bites like garlic Parmesan fries or mixed salads are perfect for grabbing and heading to the gate. They’ve also got some great cocktails and beer options. But if you’re looking for something more substantial, they’ve got that too—the meat, cheese & eggs are sure to fill you up!

So next time you’re looking for something different to eat at the airport, consider Las Vegas Chophouse & Brewery!

5. Auntie Anne’s – Terminal 1

You know what they say: when you’re in Vegas, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well, that doesn’t count if you’re eating at Auntie Anne’s in the Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport. You can take your freshly baked soft pretzels and out-of-the-league dips with you wherever you go!

Located in Terminal 1, Gate D, Auntie Anne’s is a favorite among the many dining options at the airport. Customers rave about their fresh beverages, which can be ordered to go with your pretzels or separately if you’re watching your sugar intake. The pretzels are hand-rolled with care and baked to perfection, served with one of Auntie Anne’s world-famous dips. Their menu has something for everyone, from sweet to savory—and now it has something for each traveler! With its convenient location near the Gate D boarding area, it’s never been easier to grab a pretzel and get on your flight before time runs out.

Whether you’re headed home or taking off for an international destination, Auntie Anne’s is a great stop on your way out of the airport!

6. Stella Artois Bar – Terminal 1

So, you’re flying out of the Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport. You’ve got a long flight ahead of you, and you want a quick beer before you catch your flight. Stella Artois brings its over 600 years of brewing tradition to the Las Vegas Airport.

Beers Offered:

  • Stella Artois Lager
  • Stella Artois Solstice Lager
  • Stella Artois Petite Lager
  • Stella Artois Cidre
  • Stella Artois Midnight Lager
  • Stella Artois Spritzer

Stella Artois is enjoyed for its fruity malt sweetness, crisp hop bitterness and soft dry finish. For decades, Stella’s iconic chalice has enhanced the drinking experience highlighting the beer’s floral notes and refreshing finish from the gold rim to the star stem.

The Narrow Lip captures Stella’s sweet, fruity and slightly earthy scent. Tulip Shape of the chalice creates the optimal foam head to enhance the hop aroma. The Chalices perfect angles releases carbonation to keep your Stella Artois light and refreshing. Lastly the Star Stem prevents heat transferring to your beer, ensuring the beer stays cooler longer.

Next time you are in Terminal 1 be sure to stop by and see why Stella Artois is one of the world’s most popular beers.

So what are your favorite places to eat at the Las Vegas Airport?